Cat Person Discourse, or Writing as Betrayal | Lafiy Press

I address the furore (no pun intended) around Kristen Roupenian’s short story Cat Person and the subsequent Slate essay by a writer claiming the story was based on her life. Is this controversy unique, or does it merely highlight an age-old discomfort about fiction, albeit in the new landscape of the Internet? Find out here.

How to Get Away With (Writing About) Murder | Lafiy Press

In my monthly column for Lafiy Press, I wrote about my recent experience reading The Five by Hallie Rubenhold, and the kinds of dilemmas that crime storytelling throws at us. Whose narratives do we privilege when we write and read about crime? What questions should we ask ourselves? Read the full article here.

Sad Girls Inc. | Lafiy Press

Many moons ago, before I joined bookstagram or started engaging in Book Discourse on the Internet, I wrote an Instagram post titled “The Women of Late Capitalism”. I was trying to find a way to talk about a trend I’d seen emerging in my reading, particularly in women-authored novels published in the last five yearsContinue reading “Sad Girls Inc. | Lafiy Press”

Interview: Levison Wood for the San Miguel Rich List 2017 | Spindle Magazine

I think the most valuable lesson I’ve had is probably just having to put my faith in other people, really, and [to] trust other people. Because when you’re out in places that you might think are a bit dodgy, you know, you have to still trust people, that people are going to look after you. AndContinue reading “Interview: Levison Wood for the San Miguel Rich List 2017 | Spindle Magazine”

Preview: Joe Webb @ Jealous East | Spindle Magazine

It’s been said that humour is what happens when our expectations are subverted, our instinctive associations broken and remade. A man walks into a bar – owch. If this is the case, then Webb’s work demonstrates collage’s aptitude for creating humour through unexpected visual juxtapositions. He persistently challenges the viewer’s perspective, foregrounding the absurd incongruities in our society thatContinue reading “Preview: Joe Webb @ Jealous East | Spindle Magazine”